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It’s about more than just grades

Everyone is different and at York we know that diversity is important to growth and development. In fact, diversity and inclusion are foundational values at our university. This form is an opportunity for you to tell us more about yourself; to go beyond the evaluation that we can see on your transcript(s).

If you believe that your academic record may not meet the standard normally required for admission to the program(s) to which you have applied, please provide more information that can help us make a well informed decision regarding your application(s). Academic performance is the main criterion for admission consideration at York University, but we understand that there may be other factors that you may wish to bring to our attention during the admissions process.

We may consider factors beyond a student's control, such as a health condition or other personal challenges, when making admission decisions if the student is able to demonstrate how they have coped with such challenges and how they are now prepared to succeed at the University level. In looking at the whole student, we also encourage applicants to use this form to tell us about leadership and community engagement activities that have enhanced their learning and how these experiences may help them as a student at York University.

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Please also list any awards or recognition that you have received related to these experiences. You may provide examples including student government, volunteering, sports team, clubs and extracurricular activities. How do you feel these experiences have helped to prepare you for university?

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Share with us any other experiences that you feel would benefit your application and the program that you have applied for, including related employment opportunities, life experiences and career and/or academic goals.

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These circumstances may include a significant illness or injury, a diagnosed disability, financial or job difficulties, major life or family upheaval. Students may wish to tell us how their extenuating circumstances may have had a negative impact on their academic performance and what strategies they have, or will put into place to ensure that they can be successful at York University.

No medical or psycho-educational assessment documentation is required at this point. Applicants who are admitted to the University and register as a student and wish to have support from Disability Services will be required to provide formal documentation. For details about required documentation, please see

Confidentiality: You can feel confident submitting personal information on this form. Once received, your information will be held in confidence by the Admissions staff and used for admission decisions only. When necessary, Admissions staff may consult with staff in York's Counselling & Disability Services if clarification is needed with regard to disability-related information.

Disclaimer: Submitting this does not guarantee admission to your desired program or to the University.